Sunday, April 29, 2012

Farewell and all the best

Long time no update, post it right here .. Not disappear but deliberate silent for a moment .. Must you all truly want to know why, right? Many things and things that endure .. People say life is sour .. To me, it is the journey of life on earth of God.

Today I want to tell a story about a friend who I know on first meeting at Sunway College in Austin Heights. I met her while attending a seminar related to ISO Audit in 2009. At that time I was a new person in the organization where I work. ISO audit related assignments made ​​me excited to know.

I have not known many officers and staff have made me will greet with whomever I want. Sit down and deal with my friends that I knew that now. At that time she worked in other district. Remembering names and faces like actress Siti Saleha ease I knew when she moved to here a year later.

We have different units, but in a single sector. We started to close in 2011, as teamwork during the decorating of units in an independent competition and feast days. Laughter, tolerance, mutual help, to give the idea that one head ... all make unforgettable memories.

Today is the last day she was here. She will move to Putrajaya .. I wish all the best to you in a new place .. May we meet again. Thank you for your beautiful friendship like your name. . Jamilah Abd Jabbar ..


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kila82 said...

Rindu lah pada kakak jamilah ni...